Welcome to #Virtualandia 2021

A Virtual Slam Poetry Competition

We invite you to attend the livestream competition event on April 29, 2021 at 5:30 p.m hosted by our emcee, Oregon Poet Laureate Anis Mojgani.

The Competition

We’re thrilled to announce our top 10 competitors for #Virtualandia! 2021:

Alana Anderson
(Calibration Poet – Franklin)

Sophia Atkins

Gigi Bareilles

Jazlynn Davis

Jourdan Dimoff

Anna Gunderson

Emma Hayes
(Ida B. Wells-Barnett)

Lilli Rudine

Shala Santa Cruz Kringbaum

Sadie Wallsmith

Jordan Wolmut

Virtual Grand Slam Event:
April 29, 2021 at 5:30 PM

$25 Powell’s gift cards for the first 50 eligible entries; top prize of $1,000 visa gift card

About the Event

#Virtualandia! 2021 is an exciting opportunity for students from eligible* Portland-area high schools to take part in a dynamic virtual slam poetry competition presented by Literary Arts. Competitors will take to the mic for a chance to win prizes including the title of #Virtualandia slam champion and corresponding $1,000 visa gift card. Up to 300 youth poets will submit original work via video by midnight Wednesday, March 31 to be reviewed and judged by a diverse group of artists and fans with a pulse on the literary scene. Ten poets will be selected to advance and qualify for our April 29, 2021 grand slam event. These ten students will have their poems professionally recorded and aired during the grand slam event to be scored by five judges in the typical Verselandia! tradition to identify a top five and our next grand slam champion.

* Eligible schools: Alliance, Benson, Centennial, Cleveland, David Douglas, Grant, Gresham,  Fir Ridge, Franklin, Ida B Wells-Barnett, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Many Nations Academy, Metropolitan Learning Center, Open School, Parkrose, Reynolds, Roosevelt

Get tickets to the 2021 #Virtualandia Youth Poetry Slam Championship and support the next generation of poets and storytellers. https://literary-arts.org/event/virtualandia-2021/

For questions regarding the competition rules, email Olivia Jones-Hall, Youth Programs Manager, at olivia@literary‑arts.org.